Liquid highlighters are a great way to add a little extra glow to your skin. They come in a variety of colors, so you can choose the one that best matches your skin tone. They're also easy to apply, and they give your skin a natural-looking glow.

Liquid highlighter makeup is perfect for summertime, when you want to look sun-kissed without actually spending time in the sun. They're also great for special occasions, like weddings or parties, when you want to look your best.

If you're looking for a way to add some extra sparkle to your skin, try using a liquid highlighter. You'll love the results!

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Rare Beauty Positive Light Liquid Luminizer Highlight

-Luminous Finish

-Light Reflecting Pearl Particles

-Easy & Effortless to Blend

-One Dot to Last

Size: 0.5 oz – 8 Shades - Vegan ✔️  Cruelty Free ✔️

What We Love

Get a dewy glow in seconds with this beautiful silky liquid highlight. “This is the perfect highlighter; it blends so well and does not look streaky.” Writes one reviewer. Perfect to use if you want glowy reflective look. A must-have in your makeup routine!

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops Liquid Highlighter



-Natural Glow/ Slight Bronzing Effect

-A Little Goes a Long Ways

Size: 0.5 oz – 7 Shades - Vegan ✔️  Cruelty Free ✔️

What We Love

Gorgeous versatile illuminator that can be used on the eyes, cheeks, or body for an all over glow. These highly pigmented drops provide a multi-dimensional, bronzing effect that is perfect for any skin tone. Just one or two drops is all you need to achieve a radiant look. Add them to your favorite foundation or primer, or wear them alone for a noticeable yet subtle shine.

Wet N Wild Hello Halo Liquid Highlighter

Best for Darker Skin Tones

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-Contains Grapeseed Oil & Vitamin E

-Multi- Shimmer Glow

-Pearl Pigments

-Long Lasting

Size: 0.5 oz- 5 Shades - Vegan ❌  Cruelty Free ✔️

What We Love

This highlight contains Grapeseed Oil, Murumuru seed butter & Vitamin E to hydrate and help smooth skin texture. Pearl pigments create a beautiful, long-lasting luster that is sure to turn heads. Afforadble and gets the glow done!

Lumene Invisible Illumination Instant Luminzer

-Pearlescent Luminizing Pigments

-Lightweight & Blendable

-Hydrating Properties

-Shimmery without Looking Shiny

Size: 0.5oz -  2 Shades - Vegan ✔️  Cruelty Free ✔️

What We Love

If you're looking for a luminizer that will give you a dewy, natural-looking highlight, Lumene's Invisible Illumination Instant Luminizer is for you. This lightweight, blendable luminizer contains pearlescent luminizing pigments that create a shimmery effect without looking shiny. Additionally, the Luminzer has hydrating properties that leave your skin looking refreshed and glowing. Simply apply it to the areas you want to highlight and enjoy your radiant complexion!

NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator

-Creamy Shimmer Highlight

-Moisturizing Formula

- Multifunctional Highlighter

-Great Duper for Nars Illuminator

Size: 0.6 fl oz - 3 Shades -  Vegan ❌  Cruelty Free ✔️

What We Love

This is a secret weapon to get an instant glow! A few drops of this liquid formula has a kiss of bronze and perfect for any skin tone. Apply to brow bone, decolletage, and cupid's bow for a nice natural-looking highlight.

Tip When Using Product

Blend with foundation for the perfect subtle glow.

Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Beauty Light Wand

-Smoothes Skin Texture

-Silky Formula

-Blurs Imperfections

-Contains Velvety Silicia & Sensorial Oil

Size: 0.41 oz - Vegan ✔️  Cruelty Free ✔️

What We Love

You'll get perfectly dewy skin with this glossy highlight blush. This highlight has a unique formula. Formulated with "Velvety Silica" that firms skin and improve elacsticity. Reviewers loved the beautiful colors and the sponge dabber for easy application.

Ilia Liquid Light Serum Highlighter

Beauty Binge's Top Pick for Best Liquid Highlighter

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-Dewy Finish

-Natural Long Lasting Glow

Size: 0.5 oz- 3 shades - Vegan ✔️  Cruelty Free ✔️

What We Love

Get ready to get compliments when you wear this highlight. Gives your skin a wonderful glow, is not heavy and you only need very little! A little goes a long way. Not sparkly or metallic, leaves skin feeling bright and radiant. This highlighter is blended with organic botanicals that make the product melt into the skin and marine actives to help protect against harmful UV light and pollution.


Is liquid highlighter better?

It depends on preference. Some people prefer the liquid highlighters because they feel that they are more blendable and give a more natural glow. However, others find that the liquid highlighters crease and wear off throughout the day, which is why some people prefer to stick with powder highlighters.

What do you apply liquid highlighter with?

Liquid highlighters can be applied with a brush, a beauty blender, your fingers, or even a cotton swab. It really just depends on what you're comfortable with and what works best for you. Some people find that using their fingers gives them the most natural looking finish, while others prefer to use a brush for more precision. Experiment and see what you like best!

Do I put highlighter on before or after foundation?

Highlighter is typically applied after foundation, but it depends on the type of highlighter. There are cream and powder highlighters, and each one should be applied differently.

Cream highlighters should be applied after foundation but before blush. Dab a small amount of cream highlighter on the bridge of your nose, your cheekbones, and the center of your forehead. Then use your fingers or a brush to blend it in.

Powder highlighters can be applied after foundation or over it. If you apply it over foundation, use a light hand so you don't end up with too much makeup on your face. Sweep powder highlighter onto the tops of your cheek

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The Best Liquid Highlighter For You

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