When it comes to makeup, highlighters can be an essential step to get a glowing and dewy finish. However, for those with fair skin or pale complexions, the wrong type of highlighter can make you look washed out or like a disco ball compared to darker skin tones. To help ensure you’re getting the best possible result for your skin tone, here are some tips on what to look for in a highlighter when you have fair skin.

First and foremost, don’t be afraid to play with colour! While many people assume that pale skin should always use silver or white hues, this isn’t necessarily true. For lighter complexions, try playing around with different colours to see which one works best with your natural tones. Rose golds, light pinks and even subtle peach shades are all great options as they provide a warm glow while still giving off enough sheen. Keep in mind though that any colour should still be fairly muted - nothing too bright or shimmery!

Also, opt for products that are on the sheer side over ones that are heavily pigmented. This will help keep your highlight from being too overpowering and garish-looking on your complexion – something you definitely want to avoid! You also want something that won’t settle into any fine lines or wrinkles – so steer clear of anything too matte or flat-looking.

At the end of the day – when it comes down to finding the perfect highlighter for those with fair skin – there’s no “one size fits all” solution since everyone has their own unique undertones and preferences. The key is take your time experimenting until you find one that works best for you! After reading countless reviews, these are the best highlighters for pale skin that will give you a lit-from-within glow! Keep Scrolling!

Flower Beauty Shimmer & Strobe Highlighting Palette in Champagne Shimmer

-Soft Focus Powders

-Natural Looking Glow

-Compact & Convenient

Size:0.28 oz –  Vegan ❌ Cruelty Free ✔️

What We Love

This luxurious collection of soft focus highlighting powders is just what you need for a natural looking radiant glow. Compact and efficient, this palette gives you the perfect shimmery finish every time.

The ultra-fine powder formula practically melts into skin for a smooth, seamless pigment and texture. Unlike some highlighting products that can have a caked-on look, this one provides a truly gorgeous radiance that looks just like your own inner light. With sheer to moderate coverage and brilliant shimmer, this palette is perfect for enhancing your bone structure and give your complexion an exquisite shine.

Tip When Using Product

You can even use it as eyeshadow or blend multiple shades together for a custom hue.

Benefit Beam Satin Pink Liquid Highlighter

-Rose Gold

-Dewy Glow

-Clean Ingredients

Size:0.2 oz – Vegan ❌ Cruelty Free ✔️

What We Love

Quick and easy way to accent cheek and brow bones. A silky, smooth water-based formula is perfect for achieving an allover face and body illumination with an optimal combination of long-lasting color and high pigment payoff. Additionally, this amazing product is free of mineral oil, talc and other harsh ingredients that can clog pores or irritate skin.

Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Highlighter in Pearl

-Cream Highlighter

-Soft Focus Pigments

-Contains Fatty Acids + Pro Vitamins

Size:0.17 oz – Vegan ❌ Cruelty Free ✔️

What We Love

You'll be mesmerized by the pearl-like shimmer and soft-focus pigments of this cream to powder highlighter! With luxurious, nourishing ingredients derived from natural murumuru butter, this highlighter will truly bring your best features to light and leave you glowing all day. Its potent mix of fatty acids + pro vitamins work together to hydrate and soften your skin while subtly illuminating the highest points of your face. Reviewers loved the dewy glow without looking overbearing and the yummy coconut scent! Try it once, and you won't want to go without!

Maybelline Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter in Molten Rose Gold

-Warm Metallic Sheen

-Pearl Pigments

-Brightens Complexion

Size:1.0 oz - Vegan ❌ Cruelty Free ✔️

What We Love

Made with a creamy texture for easy, effortless application, it will define and brighten your facial features. "This goes on smooth and doesn't look chunky or glittery. A little goes a long way! And the pan size is huge!" Wrote one reviewer. Pretty and affordable.

NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator in Sunbeam

-Moisturizing Formula

-Lightweight & Blendable

-Does Not Emphasize Texture On The Skin

Size:0.6 fl oz - Vegan  ✔️Cruelty Free ✔️

What We Love

This is a secret weapon to glowing skin. The lightweight and moisturizing formula is splendidly blendable, so you don't have to worry about emphasizing any texture on your skin. Plus, it's not sticky or too tacky, but dries quickly. This will help you achieve the most perfectly reflective look without ever looking too 'overdone'.

Tip When Using Product

Mix with foundation for an amazing glowy finish.

Catrice More Than Glow Highlighter in Supreme Rose Beam

-Pressed Powder Highlighter

-Metallic Shimmering Effects

-Silky Soft Texture

Size:0.20 oz - Vegan  ✔️Cruelty Free ✔️

What We Love

This pressed powder highlighter adds a stunning luminous glow to your complexion, giving you that fresh and natural look that'll make all heads turn. The metallic shimmering effects of the highlighter will ensure you have just the right balance between subtlety and statement. The silky soft texture glides on effortlessly for a seamless finish, giving you simple but effective radiance that lasts throughout the day. Supreme Rose Beam shade is especially flattering on fair skin tones, while its golden undertones add depth and warmth to whatever look you choose.

Stila Heavens Hue Highlighter in Kitten

Beauty Binge's Top Pick for Best Highlighter for Fair Skin

-Transfer Resistant

-Light-Diffusing Particles

-Weightless Texture

-Best for Warm Undertones

Size:0.35 oz - Vegan ❌ Cruelty Free ✔️

What We Love

A gorgeous shimmering nude pink that gives pale skin tones the ultimate dewy sheen. Take your look up to heavenly heights with this amazing highlighter, designed to last all day. Complete with transfer-resistant and light-diffusing particles that provide weightless texture, The Kitten shade is perfect for warm undertones. Swirl a brush into the beautiful hue of Stila Heavens Hue Highlighter in Kitten to get an effortless, glowy finish that will highlight your face like never before. With this highlighter you can be sure you’ll be radiating from morning until night as it won’t fade or shift away!


Can pale skin use gold highlighters?

Yes, pale skin can use gold highlighters. Gold highlighters come in a few different shades which means you can find the perfect one for your skin tone. When looking for a gold highlighter, look for an option that has subtle flecks of yellow and peach in it—these will help to warm up your complexion more so than free standing gold products.

What parts of the face should you apply highlighter to?

The most popular areas include the cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, inner corners of the eyes, brow bones, and the cupid's bow (the V-shaped area above your upper lip). Applying a little bit of highlighter here can help create more dimension in your face.

What skin type should use liquid highlighters?

For dry skin, opt for creamy illuminators such as cream or liquid formulas which will help hydrate your complexion while providing an iridescent glow. Shimmery powders can make dry patches on your face more visible so it’s best to avoid them if you’re prone to dehydration and flaky areas.

What skin type should wear powder highlighters?

If you have oily or combination skin, powder illuminators are usually the best choice as they won’t clog pores or cause breakouts like thicker creams can.

Should your highlighter be lighter or darker?

Lighter shades can create a subtle highlight while darker ones are great if you want more dramatic results.

Do highlighters go over or under your foundation?

If you want a subtle, dewy glow, then applying your foundation first and following with a little bit of highlighter is usually the best option.

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