Eyebrow stencils are a great way to achieve perfect brows that look professionally done at home. With the right tools, you can easily define and fill in your eyebrows for a polished and put-together look every time. Not only are eyebrow stencils extremely convenient, but they also offer more control and precision when it comes to getting the shape you want and creating a natural look.

One of the main benefits of using eyebrow stencils is that they help you create symmetry in your brow shape with ease. They come in various shapes and sizes to fit different facial structures, letting you choose the one that suits you best. Asymmetrical eyebrows can be difficult to fix without guidance, so using an eyebrow template can make all the difference! You’ll be able to see exactly how your brows should be shaped before applying any product or making any adjustments.

Another great thing about eyebrow stencils is that they take away all the guesswork associated with defining your brows. It’s easy to overpluck or draw outside of the lines without an outline as a guide. With an eyebrow template, all you have to do is fill in the lines of the template with powder or pencil for perfectly symmetrical brows. Plus, if you don’t like how it looks after you’ve filled it in, simply wipe off excess product before making any adjustments.

An eyebrow stencil kit also provides greater control over how much product you use on your brows. This is especially useful if your goal is to create a natural-looking brow shape as opposed to something noticeably drawn on and overdone. Using too much product results in an unnatural appearance that has very little resemblance to real eyebrows, so keeping things subtle with less product is key! Eyebrow templates make this process easier since they provide clear guidelines for just how much powder or pencil should go where and let you feather it out accurately without going overboard.

Get ready to save significant amounts of time — especially helpful if you’re in a hurry! If you want your makeup routine to be quick yet effective, using an eyebrow template will let you get defined yet naturally-looking eyebrows without any hassle or long waiting times between each step of application. Whether it's applying powder first and then brushing out excessive product later or filling in both sides evenly simultaneously - using an eyeliner stencil will take significantly less time than doing everything freehand!

BQ Hair Eyebrow Stencil Set

-Water-proof + Sweat Resistant

-Includes Powder + Brush

-Eyebrow Sticker

-36 Piece Set

What We Love

Draw the perfect set of brows in a minute. This stencil will make you have the perfect brows in record time. Reviewers loved the versatility in the stencil shapes and that the pack carries multiple of each shape. Easy to use and your brows will look like they were professionally done!

Madluvv Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit

-1-Step Brow Stamp

-4 Shades

-Matte Finish

What We Love

These stencils come in a variety of thickness with amazing arches that look natural and not overdone. "I have blonde eyebrows which are clear when I'm not wearing makeup, the template make placement and application of the color stick very easy!" Wrote one reviewer. Great staying power and no hard thick pencil line. This is your ticket to foolproof brows.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Stencils

-5 Set Kit

-Easy to Clean

-Flexible Plastic

What We Love

These brow stencils take the guesswork out of perfect brows. "Can even keep in your purse for a quick touch-up. These made my eyebrows looked like they have just been waxed or threaded professionally," writes one reviewer on Amazon. Brows will be beautifully defined and even.

Kiss Instant Brow Stamp & Stencil Kit

-3 Shades

-1 Dual Brush Included

-Multi-Purpose Use

What We Love

Get perfect natural-looking brows in seconds! This is a great starter kit for anyone who is looking to get into brow stamping. This kit will make getting even, thicker and fuller matching brows easier than ever. Reviewers also loved that it is multipurpose- can be used to fill in hairline and or beards for men.

Tip When Using Product

Twist the sponge inside of the cap to get more powder/color.

Aesthetica Brow Contour Kit

Beauty Binge's Top Pick for Best Eyebrow Stencils

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-16 Piece Eyebrow Makeup Palette

-6 Brow Powders

-5 Eyebrow Stencils

-Eyebrow Grooming Kit

What We Love

This eyebrow kit has everything you need for the perfect brows. From under-eye highlighter to a double-ended brow brush. You can tweeze and shape, trim fill and set your brows in minutes. All of the brow powders can be mixed and matched, allowing you to customize your shade. Easy to use- with no mess for any eyebrow shapes, wrote multiple reviewers. This is a one-step shop for perfectly shaped brows.


Is it best to use an eyebrow pencil when using an eyebrow stencil?

An eyebrow pencil can be used to define the shape of your eyebrows better when using an eyebrow stencil. However, it is important to make sure that the color of the eyebrow pencil matches the color of your eyebrows. If it does not match, then it will be very noticeable and will not look natural.

How long do brow stencils usually last?

It depends on the brand and the quality of the stencils, but they can last anywhere from a few uses to a few months. Cheaper stencils made with less durable materials will usually need to be replaced more often, but high-quality stencils made from silicone or other durable materials can last for many applications. Just be sure to clean them after each use and store them properly so they don't get damaged.

Do brow stencils work on all brow shapes?

Most brow stencils do come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you should be able to find a stencil that will work well with your eyebrows.

Simply choose the stencil that most closely resembles the shape of your brows, and then use it to guide your shaping. Be sure to use a light hand when shaping your eyebrows, as over-tweezing can lead to sparse and unnatural looking brows.

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