Elf Cosmetics have been around for over 20 years, but still manage to stay on top of the latest trends in makeup and beauty products. This beauty brand has something for everyone from professional makeup artists to just everyday beauty lovers.

There's no denying it: ELF Cosmetics is providing high-quality makeup at an affordable price point that's accessible to everyone! From its cruelty-free ingredients to its sulfate-free formulas, people everywhere are turning to ELF Cosmetics for everything from skincare to makeup products — and loving it! Keep scrolling to view the best elf cosmetic products, according to countless reviews.

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Power Grip Primer

-Gel Texture

-Soft Focus Effect

-Contains Hyaluronic Acid

Size: 1.01 oz

What We Love

This primer grips your makeup so it can stay longer, while giving your skin a smooth hydrated finish. Suitable for all skin types and skin tones. Infused with Hyaluronic Acid to plump skin and retain moisture. Reviewers have said that it holds up against heat and humidity! Makeup will stay on all day.

Halo Glow Setting Powder

-Blurs Imperfections

-Contains Saphire Particles

-Smooths The Look of Fine Lines

Size:0.24 oz

What We Love

According to reviewers, this has been known to be an amazing glowy powder! Creates a glowy look and sets face nicely without looking cakey. Its fine-milled velvety formula contains sapphire particles that blur imperfections, minimize pores and smooth out the look of fine lines for a natural, subtle glow. Achieve long lasting photo-ready results by applying with a brush; this lightweight setting powder will ensure your makeup maintains its perfect finish all day long.

Poreless Putty Primer

-Suitable for All Skin Types

-Velvety Texture


Size:0.74 oz

What We Love

This primer is great for anyone that is looking for a poreless smooth finish. Made with squalene to keep skin nice and hydrated.  This was a daily go-to primer for a lot of reviewers. "It gives you the perfect base." Its velvety texture creates a soft and poreless finish that makes applying foundation easier than ever before.

Tip When Using Product

Elf recommends using your fingertips to apply. The warmth from your hands breaks down the product for a better application.

Instant Lift Brow Pencil

-Contains Grapeseed Oil + Vitamin E

-Smudge-Proof Formula

-Fine Tip For Perfect Accuracy

Size:0.006 oz

What We Love

You will be surprised at how natural and flawless your brows will look after using this pencil. This is the perfect fill! No more fake looking brows or brows that will smudge off halfway through the day. This amazing pencil features a fine tip that allows for perfect accuracy for creating captivating brow looks. with key ingredients such as Grapeseed Oil and Vitamin E to promote healthy eyebrow hair.

Hydrating Camo Concealer

-Full Coverage

-Crease Proof

-Contains Rose Flower Water

-Hydrates + Soothes Skin

Size:0.203 oz

What We Love

A full coverage concealer that delivers a crease-proof finish that looks seamless and flawless, without feeling heavy or cakey. Plus, it's infused with Rose Flower Water which is known for its hydrating and soothing properties, making it perfect for all skin, especially dry, normal, and combination skin. "This concealer is amazing. Covers my dark circles and really brightens the skin," Wrote one reviewer. Multiple reviewers have said this is very comparable to a high-end concealer.. but for a quarter of the price!

Wow Brow Gel

-Fiber Infused

-Enriched with Kaolin Clay

-Wax-Gel Formula

Size:0.12 oz

What We Love

If you are looking to get full voluminous brows that stay in place -on a budget- this brow gel is for you. This Fiber-Infused formula will create full and voluminous brows in a flash and have your brows looking smooth and flake free. Formulated with Kaolin Clay, which helps provide an even coverage that creates natural definition. An affordable staple product!

Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow


-Gel-Based Formula

-Minimal Fall Out

Size:0.1 oz

What We Love

This unique gel-based formula, blended with glistening sparkles, applies quickly and dries even faster. Infused with multi-dimensional glitter and pearls. This is sure to amp up your eye-look with the perfect pop of color. Reviewers loved the comfortable wear, longevity, and minimal fall out. You can apply it to be super glittery or you can blend it out and get a pretty more subtle look.

Gentle Peeling Exfoliant

-Removes Dead Skin Cells

-Suitable for All Skin Types

-Contains Papaya Extract + Tangerine Extract

Size:3.04 oz

What We Love

This Gentle Peeling Exfoliant is incredibly effective yet gentle enough for all skin types. Restore your skin's natural glow through the power of papaya and tangerine extracts. These two powerful ingredients help shed layers of dry skin in order to reveal a clean, radiant complexion. After just one use, you will instantly notice smoother, brighter, newer layers of skin.

Baked Highlighter

-Sheer Wash of Shimmering Color

-Infused with Vitamin E, Apricot & Jojoba

-Can Be Applied Wet or Dry

Size:0.16 oz

What We Love

This illuminating makeup essential is all you need to take your look up a notch. Not only does it give you sheer wash of shimmering color, but it's also infused with vitamin E, apricot, and jojoba to give your skin a natural glow. Whether you apply it wet or dry, this highlighter will help achieve an instant radiance. With its skin-loving ingredients, your face will be looking brighter, softer, and healthier every time you use it! You'll need this in your beauty routine.

Holy Hydration Face Cream

-Non Greasy

-Evens Out Skin Tone

-Clean Scent

Size:1.7 oz

What We Love

Made with hydrating hyaluronic acid, peptides to boost collagen, and Niacinamide to minimize pores. This is a face cream your skin will love. Designed to moisturize and even out skin tone, leaving you with a natural glow. Not to mention, a clean, light scent that is not overpowering. This was a holy grail product for multiple reviewers.


Is Elf Cosmetics a high-end brand?

Elf has been highly rated and praised in the beauty industry for its quality of ingredients, affordability and vast range of products available. The company takes pride in sourcing quality ingredients from all around the globe to create their formulations for their makeup. These include natural plant extracts, mineral pigments and other skin friendly ingredients that are also cruelty free and vegan certified.

Does Elf Cosmetics make makeup brushes?

Yes, Elf Cosmetics does make makeup brushes! They have an extensive line of makeup brush sets for all your needs.

Does Elf Cosmetics make eyeshadow palettes?

Yes, Elf Cosmetics does make eyeshadow palettes. They offer a range of different collections and shades, allowing you to create varied looks for any occasion.

Are all Elf Cosmetics products cruelty-free and vegan?

Yes! Elf Cosmetics is committed to producing cosmetics and other beauty products that are 100% cruelty-free and vegan. All of their products meet the highest standards of safety, quality, affordability, and sustainability.

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