People often love to wear gel eyeliner because it provides a more dramatic, intense look than liquid eyeliner. Gel eyeliners are usually a creamy, soft consistency that make application much easier and allow for a more precise application. Plus, many of them have built-in brushes that help create the perfect cat eye or winged liner look.

Gel eyeliners come in many different colors and finishes, so you can easily find one that matches your personal style. They often offer more color options than liquid liners, including bright colors such as blue and green, as well as more subtle shades like browns and nudes. In addition to vibrant colors, gel eyeliners also come in metallic finishes which provide extra sparkle and shine to your look.

The great thing about using gel eyeliner is that they are long-lasting and waterproof; once applied, they stay put all day without smudging or fading away. Unlike liquid liners which require multiple applications to keep up your desired look throughout the day, you can rest assured that your gel liner will be intact until you take it off at night. Not only does this incredible staying power save time on re-applying makeup throughout the day but it also ensures that there will be no embarrassing smudges or mishaps while wearing your favorite eye makeup looks.

Gel liners are also less likely to irritate sensitive eyes when compared to liquid formulas since they don't contain harsh ingredients such as alcohol or fragrance. This makes them an ideal choice for those with allergies or contact lens wearers who need to use non-irritating products on their eyes.

Because of their creamy texture, gel liners allow for easy blending into other colors for creating unique and creative looks with ease. You can use them to achieve a defined line along the lash line or smoke out the color with a brush for a softer finish– perfect for getting effortlessly glam in no time! After reading countless reviews, here are the best drugstore gel eyeliners hands down!

Revlon So Fierce Vinyl Eyeliner

-Up to 16 Hours of Wear


-Vinyl Finish

Size:0.04 oz – Vegan ❌ Cruelty Free ✔️

What We Love

This elite eyeliner makes a statment and will last for up to 16 hours, so you can look effortlessly fierce all day long. Its smooth-gliding formula is easy to apply so your liner looks ultra-smooth and polished every time. The subtle vinyl finish adds the perfect amount of sparkle to make your eyes pop without being over the top. Reviewers wrote this pencil liner goes on smooth like butter and last all day.

Maybelline Tattoo Studio Gel Pencil Eyeliner


-Versatile & Illuminating

-Slight Shimmer

Size:0.04 oz - Vegan ❌ Cruelty Free ✔️

What We Love

You will be bound to get a lot of compliments with this eyeliner. Maybelline's Tattoo Studio Gel Pencil Eyeliner is perfect for those who want bold, striking eyes that won't smudge. The gel texture glides on smoothly and evenly, giving you versatile and illuminating results. Plus, the slight shimmer adds a touch of glamour to your look.

Rimmel London Scandaleyes  Gel Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil

-Creamy Formula

-Smudge-proof + Waterproof

-Suitable for Sensitive Eyes

Size:0.04 oz - Vegan ❌ Cruelty Free ✔️

What We Love

Take your makeup routine to the next level with Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Pencil! This creamy pencil provides a precise line of color that won’t smudge or run, no matter how intense and daring your look. The rich, waterproof formula is safe for even the most sensitive eyes, and it's perfect for tightlining for eye-defining drama. And you don't have to sacrifice ease of application for staying power — a few swipes is all you need to create the dramatic, smudge-free edge you desire.

Mally Beauty Evercolor Gel Liner

-Silky Formula

-Intense Color

-Twist Up Pencil

Size:0.01 oz - Vegan ❌ Cruelty Free ✔️

What We Love

This gel liner glides on smooth and silky, without pulling or tugging your delicate eyelid skin. Thanks to its twist up packaging, the hassle of sharpening is a thing of the past— just turn the dial to get more liner when you need it! Featuring an intense color that won't fade or transfer throughout the day. From a classic cat eye to winged liner looks and every daring design in between—this liner has got you covered.

Neutrogena Intense Gel Eyeliner with Vitamin E


-Designed to Resist Smudging

-Smooth application

Size:0.004 oz - Vegan ❌ Cruelty Free ✔️

What We Love

"The gel is very soft and the color is vivid. It has a very good staying power," writes one reviewer. This gel eyeliner is highly pigmented and provides an even line in just one stroke.

L'Oreal Infallible Grip Gel Mechanical Liner

Beauty Binge’s Top Pick for Best Drugstore Gel Eyeliner

Check Price On Amazon

-Waterproof Formula & Smudge-Resistant


-Creamy & Long Lasting

Size:0.011 oz - Vegan ❌ Cruelty Free ✔️

What We Love

This gel liner glides smoothly with precision. Reviewers loved the variety of gorgeous colors and flawless application. "Creamiest eyeliner ever." Easy to use and stays put! This eyeliner is great if you are wanting a sharp line that won't budge.


What does wearing eyeliner do to your eyes?

There are many reasons why people wear eyeliner. Some of the most common reasons include:

1. To make their eyes appear larger and more awake

2. To make their eyes look more defined

3. To create a smoky eye look

4. To disguise wrinkles or other signs of aging around the eyes

Does drugstore eyeliner work just as good as prestige eyeliners?

Yes, drugstore eyeliners work just as good as prestige eyeliners. In fact, many of the same brands make both drugstore and prestige eyeliners.

The difference between drugstore and prestige eyeliners is generally the price and the type of packaging. Drugstore eyeliners are often less expensive and come in a more basic packaging, while prestige eyeliners are more expensive and often come in a more luxurious package. But the quality of the product itself is usually the same.

Does makeup remover remove gel eyeliner good?

Oil-based makeup removers are generally better at removing gel eyeliner than water-based makeup removers.

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The Best Gel Eyeliner For You

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