Blush sticks have become increasingly popular for people who want a hassle-free makeup application. Not only are blush sticks incredibly convenient and easy to use, but they also provide a great way to add a pop of color in an instant. For starters, blush sticks offer an effortless way to apply color on the go. Their portable form factor makes them ideal for busy people who don’t always have the time or energy to apply traditional powders or creams. Unlike other blushes that require a brush or sponge applicator, simply twist up the stick and swipe it across your cheeks for fast results without any fuss. Plus, you can get precise application with no mess—a major perk when you need to quickly touch up your makeup during the day!

Another reason why people are drawn to blush sticks is their versatility. Most formulas contain both cream and powder elements, which helps blur out imperfections while providing intense pigmentation and a long-lasting finish. Blush sticks also come in various shades, from subtle neutrals to bright bolds, so there’s something for everyone regardless of their skin tone or desired look. You can easily blend them together for even more options!

Many blush sticks come with added benefits such as moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E that will nourish your skin while giving you an attractive flush of color. Other products may contain anti-aging peptides or antioxidants that can help protect against environmental stressors like sun exposure and pollution. This combination of beauty products and skincare benefits makes blush sticks especially appealing to those looking for multi-functional makeup items that deliver both healthful ingredients and enviable results!

It’s no surprise why so many people love wearing and using blush sticks – they’re incredibly convenient and versatile, plus they provide targeted results without sacrificing skin health. Whether you’re going for natural radiance or more dramatic colors, find one that fits your needs — Keep scrolling to see our top picks for the best blush sticks.

ELF Monochromatic Multi-Stick

-Budget Friendly

-Slight Shimmer

-For Eyes, Lips + Cheeks


Size:0.55 oz - 6 Shades - Vegan✔️  Cruelty Free ✔️

What We Love

With 25,000+ reviews on Amazon, this multi-stick is popular! A great way to add some color to your eyes, lips, and cheeks.  Very versatile, small, and convenient packaging making it perfect for an on-the-go makeup bag for touch-ups. Soft shimmer with a silky smooth texture and the colors are beautiful. We also love the price point!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Cream Blush

-Radiant Finish

-No Streaks or Smudge

-Blurs and Diffuses with Soft Focus Effect

Size: 0.28 oz – 7 Shades – Vegan Cruelty Free ✔️

What We Love

Get a vivid pop of color with this beautiful blush that blends like a dream. “I love this stick blush a lot. The color applies smoothly and doesn’t slide off. It packs impressive lasting power. I love the removable brush at the end too. The soft peach color looks great on pale skin! Definitely recommend”, wrote one reviewer. This will be your new favorite cream blush.

Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek Cream Blush Stick

-Contains Mango Butter, Avocado & Apricot Oil


-Buildable Creamy Color

Size: 0.21 oz – 8 Shades - Vegan ✔️ Cruelty Free ✔️

What We Love

Reviewers wrote how natural looking this blush is. Goes on smooth and the color is very pigmented with a natural finish. Available in 8 beautiful shades. We love that this product is clean, vegan and cruelty free.

NYX Professional Makeup Wonder Stick Cream Blush Contour Stick

-Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid


-Dewy Finish

Size:0.28 oz – 3 Shades - Vegan ✔️ Cruelty Free ✔️

What We Love

The perfect duo to add the perfect flush of color to your cheeks and shape to your face. You'll feel like a makeup artist. This drugstore cream blush is super smooth. Reviewers have said it is easy to blend and control the density of the color when applying. This blush contains Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate skin and leaves a dewy finish. Reviewers loved how versatile and long-lasting this stick bush is. Also, the price is very budget friendly.

Tip When Using Product

Can also be used as a lip stain

Stila Complete Harmony Lip + Cheek Stick

-Creamy Translucent Color

-Contains Vitamin E & Babassu Oil

-Available in Multiple Shades to Compliment All Skin Tones

Size:0.21 oz – 6 Shades - Vegan Cruelty Free ✔️

What We Love

This is a two-in-one lipstick and blush stick. Amazing blend and gorgeous color! “Love that it does not disappear. Great natural looking color and easy to use”, wrote a reviewer. Formulated with skin-loving ingredients like Vitamin E & Babassu Oil to nourish and protect. Great for mature skin and anyone who is looking for a subtle hint of color.

Palladio I’m Blushing 2-in-1 Cheek and Lip Tint



-Vitamin Infused

Size: 0.21 oz- 6 Shades - Vegan Cruelty Free ✔️

What We Love

The easy-to-apply formula blends perfectly onto skin and provides all-day wear. With its nourishing ingredients, such as Safflower and Aloe, your skin will be left feeling moisturized and looking healthy. Has a slightly shimmering finish for both lips and cheeks.

Tip When Using Product

Can also be used as an eyeshadow.

Ilia Multi-Stick Cream Blush + Highlighter + Lip Tint

Beauty Binge's Top Pick for Best Blush Stick

Check Price On Amazon


-Contains Shea Butter & Vitamin E

-Buttery Texture

Size: 0.15 oz- 12 Shades - Vegan✔️  Cruelty Free ✔️

What We Love

Looking for a multi-use product that will give your skin a natural, healthy glow? This easy-to-use stick contains Orange Peel Wax and Shea Butter to hydrate your skin and lips, while the buildable formula allows you to create a range of looks, from a natural flush to a luminous glow. Whether you're headed to the office or out on the town, this versatile product is a must-have in your makeup bag.

Tip When Using Product

Blends great over foundation!


Is cream blush better than powder blush?

It depends on your preferences. Cream blush is more likely to give you a dewy glow, while powder blush can be streaky and has a tendency to look heavier on the skin. Choose the type of blush that will best suit your desired look.

What comes first, powder or cream blush?

It depends on the look you're going for. If you want your blush to have a sheerer, more natural finish, go for a powder blush. If you want your blush to have more color payoff and be more visible on the skin, go for a cream blush. But always moisturize bare skin before applying any type of makeup onto skin.

Does cream blush look more natural?

It depends on your skin type. The best cream blushes tend to be less drying than powder blushes, so it's a good option for people with dry skin.

Who is liquid blush best for?

Liquid blush is best for people with dry skin, as it provides a more natural-looking flush than powder blush. It's also good for people who are short on time, as it's quick and easy to apply.

How We Chose

There are so many products on the market, and they all claim to be the best. We've done the research for you and have saved you time. We have binged on the product reviews on Amazon from people who have already tried them.

When we want to know whether a product is worth buying, we often turn to reviews to get a sense of what other people think. But with so many reviews available, it can be hard to know which ones to trust. When it comes to reviews on Amazon, we take a few different factors into account.

First, we look at the overall rating of the product. If it has a high rating, that's a good sign that people have generally been happy with it. We also pay attention to the number of reviews that have been left. If there are only a handful, it's possible that they're not representative of the broader population.

Finally, we read through the individual reviews to get a sense of what people liked and didn't like about the product. By taking all of these factors into account, we can get a better sense of whether a product is worth buying.

*We do research and read countless reviews for the best products to make our list. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

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